Confirm FOCAS is installed

FOCAS is an optional function.  If it is installed, the setting screen will be available.  The screen is located under the system hard key; followed by the continuous menu soft key several times.


continuous menu softkey

Keep scrolling through the available softkeys until the [Embed Port] soft key is displayed.  All of the available ethernet interfaces will be shown.

ethernet softkeys

Of the three listed here, [Ether Board] is the best choice.   It is an add on hardware board for Ethernet communication.  Press the [Ether Board] soft key.  If the [FOCAS2] softkey is now displayed, FOCAS is installed !!!  Plug your Ethernet cable into the add on boards RJ45 plug.

focas2 softkey

If you didn’t find the [FOCAS2] softkey, then check to see if it exists under the [Embed Port] softkey.  If it does, then connect your Ethernet cable into the RJ45 plug directly on the mainboard of the FS0iD contol.   Setting FOCAS2 In order to set the FOCAS settings, we first need to be in MDI mode.  Parameter Write Enable (PWE) is then enabled under the <OFS/SET> hard key [SETTING] softkey.

set PWE

Once PWE is set the IP Address of the control is set by <SYSTEM>, [Ethe Board], [COMMON].  The IP address will be a fixed address assigned by the network administrator.

IPAddress Setting

Finally the TCP Port number is set under the [FOCAS2] settings.  This port is typically 8193, however, any valid TCP port number can be used.

TCPPort setting


If everything is set correctly the FANUC FS0iD CNC should be reachable from any computer on the same network.  In Microsoft Windows, start a new command prompt and ping the CNC.


You are now ready to use FANUC FOCAS to read and write information to the CNC.  Although the FOCAS drivers and libraries is a programming interface for C/C++ or Visual Basic, there are many available options that don’t require programming such as MTConnect and OPC converters to FOCAS.

Good Luck!

3 thoughts on “FANUC FS0iD FOCAS Setup”

  1. the more I read about MTConnect, the more I think it ought to help me with my quest to create a list of the tools that are currently in the tool change system, but I cannot get past the fact that you have a link to the machine, but exactly how do I extract this kind of data?
    Fanuc18i Mori horizontal mill.

    1. Hi NT4Boy, as every tool magazine is designed differently, and there is no standardization between builders, this information will need to be developed “per machine” I can recommend two possible paths… firstly, identify PMC addresses that relate to the tools and read these. Secondly, design a macro that reads the data and for the tools into macro variables – read those… Post a bit more about your desired end result if you would like further guidance.

  2. Thanks for these videos, they have been super helpful and I’m very close to having everything working on my Fanuc 32i-B. One problem I am having is when I set “Parameter Write” to “1” I get the error “SW0100 Parameter Enable Switch On.” At this point I can ping the machine, but it will not run until I put parameter write back to 0. I’ve tried restarting the machine. Any ideas? I feel like I’m just missing a keystroke, since I’m totally new to the fanuc control. Thanks!


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